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John W

aka The Brit

You only live once, so live it out

The first thing you might ask about me when reading the blog and seeing my posts is “what’s up with that nickname ‘The Brit’.” Simply it’s just the nickname I’ve been given by my fellow compatriots at  It does of course have a meaning which is my place of birth: London, England.  I don’t sound like it now but I was there till the young age of 5.  Since then I’ve resided in Orlando, Florida living my life out in the Florida sun.  As far as the outdoors goes, that has been a lifetime hobby, almost like being a habit of enjoying it.  I love the outdoors and the peace it brings me.  I’ve been hiking, backpacking, canoe camping, and Whitewater kayaking all over Florida and the United States.  Lately my direction has shifted to Trail Running and Adventure Racing. 

As my tagline will always say “you only live once, so live it out,”  I believe in enjoying anything that comes your way.