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New Chaco PedShed and ToeCoop

by The Brit
10/28/2010 03:35:00 P.M.


Love the style and comfort of Chacos?  Wish you could wear it year round?  In the dead of winter?  Well now Chaco has created a brand new line of shoes that take their basic loved style, and allowed it to be used in the cold.  The PedShed and ToeCoop are their new shoes in both Womens and Mens.


I’ve worn Chacos for many years and after the first initial shock and change in how the footbed felt I began to wear them everyday, and loved them.  They are versatile, comfortable, and incredibly supportive.  Their sole grips and sticks to almost any surface and their straps keep your foot secure.  I’ve worn mine up and down the east coast of the United States, taken them to England, and worn them almost everyday at work.


When I first heard about the PedShed and ToeCoop I was a little dubious.  I thought they would look funny and wouldn’t be quite the same.  Upon trying them on I was rather surprised.  I liked the fit, the comfortable feel of the footbed, and the secure thick top of the foot covering.  It was quite a change from any other Chaco, but I liked it!


I think these shoes will be a good start for Chaco.  They’ve been able to break out of the “sandal” world, but still keep it a sandal. Yes they’ve had shoes before, but nothing like this.  Nothing with their legendary sandal sole. Check them out!  Maybe go as far as trying them on?


See Pictures Below: