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2019 Hobie Mirage Outback Review

by Meli
01/28/2019 09:00:00 A.M.

I can barely contain my excitement as I'm driving down one of the forgotten backroads near Orlando, Florida. I'm on my way to test the new 2019 Hobie Outback at the Black Hammock Nature Preserve. I've heard about all the changes and improvements Hobie has made, and now I get to experience them for myself.

2019 Hobie Mirage Outback Review »

Fivefingers Spyridon Field Test

by Shell
07/07/2012 11:18:41 A.M.

As a long time Vibram Five Fingers fan I must admit that I was initially unsure of the need for the new Spyridon. This shoe was introduced as a new trail runner, with a lace-up and non-lace version available as of summer 2012. With so many varieties already available, the Spyridon just seemed to be shoe overkill. The lace-up Spyridon did not fit correctly with my high arch, so I chose the non-lace version which seemed to pull far less on top of my foot. That initial insecurity changed when I wiggled my toes into this updated style and took a trial walk on some rough, uneven surfaces. I was also very impressed with the level of overall comfort I felt in the non-lace Spyridon. As I have traditionally worn the KSO Treks on trails, I was prepared for the rigid protection of my normal trail shoes.

Fivefingers Spyridon Field Test »

Go Pro HD Hero II Analysis

by Dirk
04/06/2012 05:08:30 P.M.

Nothing gets me more excited to go on another adventure than browsing through old photos and videos of a previous trip. Not only do they inspire me to relive some old memories, they motivate me to experience the things that I never had a chance to. The sole purpose of any adventure is to live it, love it, and then hopefully remember it. That is why the GoPro HD2 has become my newest travel companion. Not only does it help me document the fun activities that I can later show to my friends, it’s the next best thing to reliving ‘that one amazing moment in time’ again.

Go Pro HD Hero II Analysis »

Transcendent Warmth

by Richard
12/05/2011 02:54:41 P.M.

Last winter, I picked up an Outdoor Research Transcendent Sweater for the cold season.

Transcendent Warmth »

An Exposition on the Gregory Z55 Backpack

by Dirk
11/30/2011 10:16:13 A.M.

Explaining the functionality of my internal framed Gregory Z-Series (Jade Series for the ladies) backpack is like trying to explain the resourcefulness of a pocketknife on the trail - it's essential. The versatility is broad, no matter where you find your destination.

An Exposition on the Gregory Z55 Backpack »

BIC Ace-Tec Stand Up Paddle Board

by Andy
11/25/2011 02:37:00 P.M.

The Bic Acetec Performer 11’6” is a polyethylene stand up paddle board that is both, easy to ride and tough as coffin nails. Drop it, run it into the ground, hit it with the paddle, it really doesn't matter; this board takes the beating and keeps asking for more. This is why I've become BIC SUP's newest fan.

BIC Ace-Tec Stand Up Paddle Board »

Go Pro Hero Trial

by Richard
10/24/2011 04:49:53 P.M.

As we flew over the Virginia mountains, I fiddled with my new GoPro Hero camera. I wanted to make sure it was prepped and ready to document my return to the Old Dominion State - where I attended college. The passing scenery reminded me how much affection I still have for the beauty of the state: the mountains, rolling grassy hills, beach, and an abundance of rivers – the Hero, I was confident, would be superb at capturing that appreciation.

Go Pro Hero Trial »

Base Camp Travel

by Richard
08/09/2011 06:12:52 A.M.

I enjoy not checking bags with airlines when I travel: I adore the ease of walking straight out of the airport, and I appreciate knowing that my bag – and everything in it – should be intact upon the airplane arriving on location. The major downfall of this is that there is limited space in the small-sized luggage that usually fits as a carry-on or personal item. Generally, I think simplifying is a good thing – but it can be problematic as well.

Base Camp Travel »

Merrell Barefoot Shoes

by Andy
07/17/2011 09:25:30 P.M.

Over the past few years an evolution has occurred in shoes, a more minimalist design in an attempt to make the wearers  movements more natural.  Vibram five fingers and Vivo barefoot pushed this trend forward but now most shoe companies have minimalist designs, most recently Merrell added their own line.

Merrell Barefoot Shoes »

Arc’teryx Squamish Hoody

by Richard
06/13/2011 10:37:37 A.M.

When the Olympics of Vancouver fell upon North America like a light snow – I was looking for a gold medal-type, light jacket that could buffet the last of the cold weather in Florida. The Arcyterx Squamish Hoody  became that jacket – and I donned it proudly as I cheered on the Olympiad.

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