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The Ultimate Bluetooth Beach Speaker

by Roger
05/11/2024 06:24:53 P.M.

We spent the day at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and brought our new Turtlebox waterproof speaker along for the ride. We lucked out with a huge beach volleyball tournament happening, giving us the perfect opportunity to put the Turtlebox through its paces.

Turtlebox waterproof at the beach

Finding a spot near the center of the volleyball action, we cranked up the volume. Despite its small size, this speaker packs a punch! The tournament had two 4’ tall speakers projecting music up and down the beach, but our Turtlebox easily overpowered them. The tournament director was impressed when we showed him that our speaker could connect to his microphone and function as a broadcast speaker.

By 2 PM, the wind had picked up, blowing sand everywhere. Fortunately, the Turtlebox is dust and sand-proof, and the performance remained unaffected. At the end of the day, we rinsed the speaker in the ocean; turning it upside down allowed the sand to flow out easily.

The Turtlebox floats and is waterproof, so we brought it into the water with us. We turned a lot of heads as people marveled at the sight of a floating speaker blasting tunes while we played in the waves. Tossing the speaker into the air and letting it splash down didn’t cause any skips or interruptions.

If you’re looking for the perfect speaker for a beach day, beach party, bonfire, or beach volleyball tournament, the Turtlebox is for you. You’ll love the deep bass, high fidelity, and most of all, the incredible volume!