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Shorts That Lean With It, Rock With It

by Richard
01/17/2017 10:11:43 P.M.

The only individual piece of clothing more important than a good pair of versatile shorts are any one of my pairs of Exofficio underwear. But while the undergarments are done and purchased and last a long time, the perfect shorts are a little more difficult to find. I had a great pair of Arc’teryx shorts a couple years ago, but they were discontinued. Recently, I found another lovely pair with the Prana Brion Shorts.

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Waterproof Backpack with Style

by Richard
01/04/2017 09:28:37 P.M.

I’ve worked my way through a lot of backpacks through the years. I’ve even tried four different Outdoor Research models (including two separate models of the DryComp Ridge Sack), in large part because I enjoy them so much. The newest one, however, has become my favorite.

The Rangefinder Dry Backpack is far and away the coolest of the lot (they make a duffel, too), while still maintaining it’s excellent waterproofness. I use it on all occasions: for work (it looks pretty classy), play (because it’s waterproof and comfortable), travel (it’s a perfect carry-on), and more.

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The Freshest Pair of Climbing Shoes

by Richard
12/21/2016 09:41:09 P.M.

Fifteen years ago, an old climbing bum (who was, consequently, younger than me but climbed all the time) gave me an extra pair of climbing shoes. 5.10s. They were pretty worn in but didn’t fit him quite right anymore. That began the long process of slowly leading me to my current shoes.

Those initial shoes lasted me many years, but as my toes began wearing through, I knew it was time for a new pair. In reality, I bounced between pairs that people kept graciously offering me. I went through 3 pairs before buying my first pair while in Seattle, 13 years after I started climbing. But even that La Sportiva pair was a 30-year-old vintage variety that didn’t last too long.

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My Highest-Rated Fivefingers Models

by Richard
12/06/2016 10:02:20 P.M.

For more than 5 years, I’ve been wearing Fivefingers for seemingly-endless different types of activities. Running, climbing, kayaking, etc. And in the past, my favorite type was the Sprint. It was versatile, light, thin, and breathable.

But those were discontinued. But now, years later, I’ve found the model that rivals the Sprint for top spot in my list of favorite models of the shoe. The CVT Hemp is also light, also has a pretty thin sole, and is breathable. But it’s also the most normal looking of all the pairs I’ve owned—besides maybe the brown kangaroo leather pair.

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The Harness of the Future In The Present

by Richard
11/17/2016 09:50:50 P.M.

I grew into climbing at a camp I worked at during my time working at a summer camp after each year in college and into the following three summers. After the first couple years, I started leading the climbing, rappelling, and high elements courses and those activities became a staples of my life, both for working out and enjoyment. Since then, my appreciation and participation in climbing has only grown and can say honestly that I’ve never seen anything quite like an Arc’teryx harness.

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London for a Season

by Richard
11/09/2016 04:40:49 P.M.

I arrived in London for an extended visit earlier this summer and I felt like an explorer. 6 weeks, that’s how long I’d have in the city the Romans set up almost 2,000 years prior. I felt like an explorer, as I rode the train to my friends’ flat with excitement for what was in store. And when I arrived there, they handed me the greatest gifts.

A bed. A bike. Community. And their friendship. The last one wasn’t new, but it is what held the rest of those together, it was the mortar.

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Traveling Too Much

by Richard
10/22/2016 04:39:41 P.M.

It’s immensely popular to travel right now. People have in their hearts and minds that traveling will do something wonderful for them—unlocking some hidden doors into their best life. They pack their rolling luggage with all the travel accessoriesEagle Creek Pack-It Cubes, and Exofficio underwear it can hold and make way to wander—looking for adventure. And while the desire for journeying isn't necessarily a wrong thing, travel can be hard. It’s not often as glamorized as people say it is.

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Overwhelmed by Subtlety

by Richard
10/03/2016 04:36:50 P.M.

From my window seat, the view of Vienna was pretty dissimilar to the picture I had in my mind of the millenniums-old city. Instead of finding a city nestled cozily in valleys surrounded by granite Alpen peaks, I found a city that looked like it had been spilled out flat east of the Alps, in-between the foothills and the mighty Danube River. 

Although the expectation of seeing a mountain-city was the only one I really had, I emptied myself of any other expectations I might hold and dedicated my time there to simply embracing whatever I experienced.

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Camping Essentials for European Travel

by Richard
09/23/2016 04:35:44 P.M.

As I was just in Europe for 2 1/2 months, there were a few items that were just what I needed to help make my time the most excellent. 

There are some core accessories and clothing that help make my travel much more smooth. Here are the top 5:

Sleeping Bag

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Hibernating Empires

by Richard
09/10/2016 04:35:09 P.M.

Northern Europe overwhelmed me. Not because of the cold (I had an Arc'teryx fleece and Outdoor Research down jacket to go along with my down sleeping bag), but because—as I explored Denmark, Norway, and Sweden—there was something about it that seemed so foreign, though I’d been to Europe a few times already. There in the north, it feels far from the rest of Europe. And for Norway and Sweden, the language family was different than I’d ever heard widely spoken. 

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