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Big Green Egg Cooking Shortcuts

by Shelby
10/15/2018 03:48:27 P.M.

We followed our Big Green Eggspert, Gary, out to his house for him to show us his favorite Big Green Egg shortcuts and tips.

Shortcut #1

Make sure the thermometer is calibrated to the correct temperature.  Each Big Green Egg will come with a thermometer that sits on the face of the egg.  Before you assemble it, take a pot of boiling water and put two meat skewers along the pot.  Set the needle of the thermometer into the boiling water to assure that it rises to 100*C, boiling temperature.  If it doesn't, there is a nut on the back that controls the needle.  Rotate it with some plyers until the thermometer shows 100*C in the water to calibrate the thermometer! You want to make sure it's showing the right temperature!

Shortcut #2

We hope you read this one before it's too late.  You'll want to make sure the control bolt on the chimney cap is facing you before you start cooking.  As you know, the temperature of the egg is determined by the airflow through the internal ceramic structure.  Well, if you've got your spacing adjustments just right in the chimney cap and you open your egg, the cap could rotate out of position leading to a significant temperature increase once you close it.  So look for the control bolt on the chimney cap and make sure it's facing the front of the egg.  That way if you lift the lid, the point of rotation won't be affected.

Shortcut #3

Every grill or cooker has hotspots which can lead to uneven cooking based on the location of food on the grate.  Ensure your Big Green Egg is heating as evenly as possible by  rotating the fire ring.  The dome shape of the Big Green Egg leads to a hot spot is at the back of the grill, under the hinges.  For smoking, that means you'll either be rotating your meat more often than necessary or you'll have a few pieces crisping before the rest are finished cooking.  To prevent this, Gary recommends rotating the fire ring so that one of the divots is under the hinges.  That will force the plate setter (Conveggtor) to rotate so that the hottest air is more evenly dispersed around the interior.


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