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Are you looking at the Big Green Eggs and not sure which is best for you?  Maybe you're in college, torn between the Mini and the MiniMax or you're not sure if your small family needs the Large or the XL

Which Big Green Egg is Right for You? »

Cruising Orlando on the Onewheel

09/25/2018 08:22:36 P.M.

I went snowboarding the winter of 2006 and then moved to Florida late summer of the following year. I knew Orlando was far from mountains I could ride, but I figured I’d get out to those places soon enough. I was wrong. I went once in the next decade and I thought I’d never get to ride regularly again until I moved elsewhere.

Cruising Orlando on the Onewheel »

I’ve never had headphones that are good to work out in. And it’s not because I didn’t try. Either they were uncomfortable, didn’t stay in my ears well, the cords got tangled as I ran, or (if you really want to know) got sweaty in the Orlando humidity. (Thanks, Florida.)

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones Review »

Tooling around Orlando, Florida I typically don’t need a whole lot of backcountry gear, but one thing I always use is a backpack. I carry mine almost everywhere. And the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault is the most interesting, fun backpack I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely durable, fits the body well, has many compartments, and has the oddest (yet functional) zipper. Let’s break it down:

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack Review »

The Holy Grayl of Water Purifiers

08/08/2018 04:25:44 P.M.

I’ve been using water filtration systems for almost two decades and I’ve seen pretty much everything in the market. Products from MSR, KatadynPlatypus, and SteriPen and everything else Orlando's Travel Country has had to offer for the last decade plus. But finally there is something new and revolutionary. And boy is it shiny. 

The Holy Grayl of Water Purifiers »

Bedrock Sandals Review

07/31/2018 12:14:48 P.M.

When you live in Orlando, Florida, you're always looking for a good pair of sandals. But, let's be honest, I want to wear sandals pretty much everywhere I go anyways, so I'm always looking. And I think I may've found an ideal pair. But first, a question:

Bedrock Sandals Review »

Do you live in Orlando, FL, or another similar "flatland"? Apparently, there is a classification of information that might be considered 'Mountain Knowledge,' that isn't common knowledge to a Flatlanders. Here are some helpful tips for Floridians heading to the Mountains.

6 Tips for Flatlanders Headed to the Mountains »

Vibram recently came out with their Fivefingers V-Series of minimalist footwear and they're now available at Travel Country Outfitters in Orlando, Florida. New models include the V-Alpha, V-Aqua, V-Run, V-Soul, V-Trail, V-Train, V-Trek. These styles allow your to choose precisely what they're looking for in a barefoot shoe. 

FIveFingers V-Series Now Available in Orlando »

Arc'Teryx Atom AR Hoody Review

06/04/2018 11:38:56 A.M.

If you read more of my blogs, you’ll notice a pattern about me and cold weather.  I live in Orlando, Florida because I really hate being cold.  That’s why I love the Arc’teryx Atom AR Jacket; it lets me love the mountains. I took the Arc’teryx Atom AR to the Grand Tetons back in May.  Forgetting that May in Wyoming is nothing like May in Florida!  In Florida, in the month of May, the population doubles from tourists seeking refuge in the warmth.  In Wyoming, in the month of May, kayak rentals are closed because the water is still dangerously freezing.

Arc'Teryx Atom AR Hoody Review »

Osprey Ariel 55 Backpack Review

05/22/2018 10:16:23 A.M.

When I started looking for a new rucksack, I had three primary requirements.  I needed firm hip-belts and a supportive back structure due to a previous shoulder injury that made backpacking difficult.  I wanted to be able to access the center of the bag without having to unload its guts and I wanted the bag to be both versatile and easily organizable.   I would be using it for international travel and road trips so ultralight was less of a priority than reducing the weight on my shoulders.  I’d lived with a 35 liter for a few years but now I needed to fit more than my sleeping bag, camping pad, and tent in it.

Osprey Ariel 55 Backpack Review »

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