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Which Big Green Egg is Right for You?

by Shelby
10/01/2018 05:04:36 P.M.

Are you looking at the Big Green Eggs and not sure which is best for you?  Maybe you're in college, torn between the Mini and the MiniMax or you're not sure if your small family needs the Large or the XL

The Mini is the smallest of the Big Green Eggs.  It's transportable and functions with most of the Eggcessories.  Our Egg-spert (Expert of Eggs), Gary, recommends the Mini egg for someone who likes to go fishing in the Indian River Lagoon near Orlando, FL. The Mini Egg is ideal for cooking two succulent fish fillets.  The Mini also works well as an additional Egg for either a sauce or a few vegetables.

The MiniMax is the big brother of the Mini and the twin of the Small.   The surface area of the MiniMax Big Green Egg is equivalent to the Small, but lighter (78 lbs) and the bottom is much shorted which makes it perfect for tailgating at a University of Central Florida football game.  Just place the egg on the bed of a pick-up truck and take it to the game.  You can cook about ten hotdogs or four burgers at a time.

The Small Big Green Egg has the same cooking area as the MiniMax but a much deeper bottom. This makes it more difficult to maneuver between locations but allows for more charcoal.  This additional charcoal is important if you want to cook "low and slow" which makes the Small more versatile than the MiniMax  The number of Eggcessories available for the Mini, Minimax and Small sizes is somewhat limited.

Big Green Egg's Medium size is another step up, allowing you to cook up to six burgers or three whole chickens.  This egg will be a favorite fixture in your back yard where you'll enjoy cooking for a family of four.  The Medium accommodates all the most popular Eggcessories including the convEGGtor ,  Eggspander, and pizza stone.

The best selling BGE and the one our Eggspert recommends is the Large size.  Once the neighbors smell the smoke and realize you have an egg, they're going to want to come try it out and soon you'll be the talk of your Orlando neighborhood!   You can fill the Large Big Green Egg with enough wings to satisfy a small gathering; Gary even boasts about cooking three pork butts on his.  Because the Large can cook enough food for a small party or two retirees, this is our Go-To Egg.

The X-Large is the best size for larger families or parties.  Now, we're masterfully cooking 24 burgers, a dozen beer-can chickens, a full brisket or five pork.  All eggcessories are available for the XL Big Green Egg.

If you've got to have the biggest and the best, bet the XXLarge or "Double X" as Gary calls it.  You know that neighborhood family that has the biggest gettogethers, well this is the Egg that makes that possible!  Imagine cooking 40 hamburgers at one time or 15 beer can chickens or a whole suckling pig. You can do it all and more with a XXL egg.

Travel Country Outfitters is one of Orlando's largest and most knowledgeable authorized Big Green Egg stores.  Count on us to get you started right and you'll be an Egghead like us before you know it!