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Cruising Orlando on the Onewheel

by Richard
09/25/2018 08:22:36 P.M.

I went snowboarding the winter of 2006 and then moved to Florida late summer of the following year. I knew Orlando was far from mountains I could ride, but I figured I’d get out to those places soon enough. I was wrong. I went once in the next decade and I thought I’d never get to ride regularly again until I moved elsewhere.

Then something revolutionary happened: someone invented the OneWheel+ Electric Skateboard (and more recently the OneWheel+ XCR Electric Skateboard).

When I hopped on the first time, after only a few minutes, I was riding around on that thing like I’d been doing it for days. After a few days, weeks. After weeks, it felt like old hat—on sidewalk, wood-chip path, sand, street, grass, you name it. But something crazy happened when I stumbled upon a rare speciality that is scattered around Orlando: a resort. At that resort, I rode by an empty pitch-and-putt green. 2+ acres of empty rolling, cut lawns.

It was without a doubt, so much like snowboarding that it was uncanny. And it was unbelievably fun—carving up and down hills. Truly unreal. 

The board I rode was the first iteration, the OneWheel. Since then, they have two new styles—again the OneWheel+ and the OneWheel+ XCR. They are significantly more badass than the first. The motor is redesigned (now with 2 horsepower) so the ride is smoother, quieter, and has more torque. It even tops out at 19 mph, though my buddy’s taken it 24.

How’d he know that? There’s a corresponding app that lets you check battery life, choose riding modes, and know your speed. The skateboard now goes between 5–7 miles on one charge, and with the new Ultrachanger, that takes only 20 minutes.

Yet all the details aside, the carving is like hitting fresh powder on the mountain—whether in Orlando, Iowa, or literally anywhere else. It makes city travel incredibly fun.