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The New Nemo Stargazer Recliner Luxury Camp Chair

by Deb
06/16/2019 03:44:14 P.M.

Don't you love it when folks stop by your tent to ask about that "cool gear"? One of the many benefits of working at Travel Country Outfitters in Orlando, Florida, is access to all the newest gear and technology.

One of my favorite "cool gear" items is the Nemo Stargazer Recliner Luxury. Yeah, I know, it sounds like something you would relax in on game-day. Pass the chips, please. But no, it is one of the latest innovations from Nemo. The Stargazer makes other camp chairs look like relics from the Stone Age.

Stargazer’s design is completely different. Unlike most outdoor chairs where the seat is attached to the frame by stationary rods, the Stargazer recliner is suspended from the frame. After you assemble the frame legs (which is very simple), you push the chair clasp over the peg on the frame. When each side of the seat is attached the seat becomes suspended between the frame. This allows the seat to swing back and forth and allows for the person sitting in the chair to extend the seat back like a recliner! For all the science and engineering behind this chair, the deal clincher is its comfort. I have sat in many a camp chair and the Stargazer is by far the most comfortable.

A few tips and tricks I feel compelled to share:

  • Slide the seat stays into the back of the seat before attaching the seat to the frame
  • Keep an eye on the large rubber tips that attach to the bottom of the frame legs as they may slide off
  • It's very easy to put together and transport but a little tricky to fold up

There is one thing that the Stargazer Recliner Luxury does have in common with other traditional outdoor chairs...they all come with a convenient carry bag.