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Hanging Out in Bali

by Richard
02/02/2016 05:42:01 P.M.

With the wind in my face and a full meal in my stomach, I sped around the northeastern side of Bali on my $1.50-a-day scooter, looking to experience the unique Balinese cultural in new ways. A wave of desire swept over me, and I knew it would be like discovering a pot at the end of the rainbow if I could find some palm trees on the shore to set up my ENO hammock for an afternoon nap. 

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My Top 10 Massive U.S. City Parks: Part 2

by Richard
01/17/2016 05:50:21 P.M.

Here are the second 5 of my top 10 massive U.S. city parks. 

Criteria reminder: 
–I have to have personally spent time in the park.
–It has to be larger than 100 acres.
–It cannot be a national park or monument. 

Balboa Park (San Diego, California)
One of the oldest city parks in America has just about anything you’d want in your local park—fields, trails, restaurants, a zoo, theatres, museums, beautiful Spanish architecture, even a hospital close by if you get injured. Sitting in this park at dusk, I could have closed and opened my eyes to find myself in a modern Mediterranean paradise, such is the feel of this park. Oh, and it’s a whopping 1,200 acres.

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Cheeky Ranger

by Richard
01/08/2016 05:15:30 P.M.

Most of my experience with park rangers is related to their extreme level of helpfulness. They’ve excitedly aided me and different groups of friends as we decided how to weave through the peaks and valleys of various national parks and forests, taken my calls from Travel Country for over-the-phone customer advice, and I’ve found them on the trail ready with smiles and tips about coming adventure.

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Blackberry Breakfast

by Richard
12/12/2015 10:42:55 P.M.

I recently hiked six miles into a valley of Olympic National Park, straight into a temperate rain forest. I’d never experienced one before and it was certainly something to behold—a forest of trees so big and so old, packed with every other type of greenery in between, that I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what the U.S. was like when those trees were saplings.

My campsite was seclusion. I, in a ENO hammock, by my lonesome in the dry part of a creek-bed next to a running river.

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My Top 10 Massive U.S. City Parks: Part 1

by Richard
11/09/2015 02:17:29 P.M.

I’ve long desired a big expanse of space, snuggled with numerous copses of trees and calm lakes, in the heart of Orlando. But while we don’t have that massive, thousand-acre park in The City Beautiful, I’ve had to settle for visiting other parks recently. It’s been a bit of a binge, really. So, judge away if you need to.

The criteria is as follows:

–I have to have personally spent time in the park.
–It has to be larger than 100 acres.
–It has to have green space as well as trees and/or lakes.

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My Top 7 Healthy Airport Traveling Tips

by Richard
10/21/2015 02:12:47 P.M.

If you’ve ever traveled via plane you know how difficult (or fun!) it can be. In truth, I really like the act of traveling, to a degree—and not because it gets me to purchase things, though that's sometimes necessary. Here are 7 things I do regularly when traveling that help me keep my head in the game:


This is the option if you don’t care what people think about you or if you know you need to learn that lesson. Throw some pushups, a headstand, or copious amounts of squatting. This greatly increases blood flow, which is a needed precursor to sitting in chairs for hours on end—even if you get up and walk around or do exercises in your seat.

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Dodging Bugs with the OR Bug Bivy

by Richard
09/17/2015 02:05:05 P.M.

I rolled into the car camping site at 11:30 pm after only sleeping a few hours following a cross-country flight to Seattle and a two-hour drive to the Cascades. Needless to say, when I got there, I was ready to sleep immediately. I brought my Eagle’s Nest Hammock sleep system but I had no interest in setting anything up, regardless of how easy it was. So I looked up at the sky, double-checking the weather report’s accuracy, and went straight for my Outdoor Research Bug Bivy.

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My Top 6 Hammock Setup Techniques

by Richard
08/19/2015 02:23:54 P.M.

Over a decade ago in Guatemala, I fell in love with hammocks. I was strictly loyal to those that were handmade in Guatemala, but a few years ago, I switched to a synthetic made by ENO for everyday use. Whatever hammock you choose and for whatever reason, allow me to give a few of my favorite tips on how and where some of the best places to set up hammocks are:

1) Leave One in Your Car

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Floating the Skagit River

by Richard
07/16/2015 01:52:14 P.M.

I drove by the cargo truck in time to read the words Orion and see a group of people shimmying into wetsuits, prepping to get soaked. I didn’t have any plans, so I promptly hit the breaks and reversed back to a young woman who looked like she was in charge.

“You guys got any room?” I probed.

She told me that as long as I called in to check with the office, paid, and was ready in 10 minutes, I could hop in a raft with them.

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Have Eno, Will Travel

by Richard
06/15/2015 10:16:33 P.M.

When I went camping in the backcountry of North Cascades National Park in Washington state, there were two things that saved me: one, my Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock, and two, a potentially dubious park ranger.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure of the park ranger’s intentions from the start. A ranger by the same name had been quite rude to me on the phone just the night before, though this one said he wasn’t working that particular day. There was yet an air about the man that made it seem like he knew something that I didn’t about our interaction. So, when he selected a particular site that he ‘liked,’ I wasn’t sure if he was picking me one that was unique awesome, or one that was actually horrible in some way.

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