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5 Tips for Visiting Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

by Richard
11/07/2018 07:14:21 A.M.

The closest national park we have to Orlando is the gorgeous Canaveral National Seashore. But it's as flat as flat can be and I wanted some elevation change, so last month I went with three friends to the majestic Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Over the years, the government has added more and more land from that area to the public treasury, forming two massive parks adjacent to one another, forming one big super-park. Sequoia, interestingly, was the nations second-oldest national park, after only Yellowstone.

5 Tips for Visiting Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks »

Big Green Egg Cooking Shortcuts

by Shelby
10/15/2018 03:48:27 P.M.

We followed our Big Green Eggspert, Gary, out to his house for him to show us his favorite Big Green Egg shortcuts and tips.

Shortcut #1

Make sure the thermometer is calibrated to the correct temperature.  Each Big Green Egg will come with a thermometer that sits on the face of the egg.  Before you assemble it, take a pot of boiling water and put two meat skewers along the pot.  Set the needle of the thermometer into the boiling water to assure that it rises to 100*C, boiling temperature.  If it doesn't, there is a nut on the back that controls the needle.  Rotate it with some plyers until the thermometer shows 100*C in the water to calibrate the thermometer! You want to make sure it's showing the right temperature!

Big Green Egg Cooking Shortcuts »

Must-Have Big Green Egg Accessories

by Shelby
10/10/2018 09:14:01 A.M.

Gary, Travel Country Outfitters' resident Eggspert shares Eight Must-Have Accessories (aka Eggcessories) that each new Big Green Egg cook in Orlando should have.

  1. You'll need the Ash Tool to remove the ashes from the bottom of the egg as your charcoal burns.  It comes in varying sizes depending on the egg you purchase.
  2. The Kick Ash Basket is fits inside the egg to hold the charcoal.  It allows much more airflow into the egg from the bottom and helps control the temperature of the egg more efficiently.
  3. Charcoal is one of the most important accessories.  Be careful not to use any charcoal or chemical accelerant inside the egg. These chemicals will impregnate the ceramic and you'll soon be tasting that chemical in your food.  Big Green Egg Charcoal is an all-natural lump charcoal made of hickory and oak that comes from the United States.
  4. To clean the burnt pieces off the grate, you'll need a Grate Cleaner.  The Grate Cleaner is best used when the egg is hot.  It has a metal v on the end to scrub away burnt and crusted food.  Do not use a wire brush on your eggs.  Particles from the brush can break off and find their way into your food.
  5. Most Big Green Egg newbies don't realize the Nest is not included with the Egg. The nest keeps the egg off of the ground, much like a table, and helps prevent the egg from being knocked over and breaking, an accident that won't be covered by the lifetime warranty.
  6. The ConvEGGtor allows you to use your grill as a smoker.  The Conveggtor, previously known as the plate setter, sits inside the fire ring and the grate sits on top of the plate setter. This allows heat to be dispersed, often referred to as indirect heat.
  7. The Wok is Gary's favorite option for cooking vegetables.  Almost any vegetable works:  zucchini, squash, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. Simply a bit of oil and some spices as they suate right on the grill.
  8. The V-Rack is a basket piece that will hold two whole chickens or a single turkey.  Placed Up-side down, the V-rack holds six half slabs of ribs, seasoned and separated perfectly.  It's a multi-purpose and essential tool.

Travel Country Outfitters is one of Orlando's largest and most knowledgeable authorized Big Green Egg stores.  Count on us to get you started right and you'll be an Egghead like us before you know it!

Must-Have Big Green Egg Accessories »

Which Big Green Egg is Right for You?

by Shelby
10/01/2018 05:04:36 P.M.

Are you looking at the Big Green Eggs and not sure which is best for you?  Maybe you're in college, torn between the Mini and the MiniMax or you're not sure if your small family needs the Large or the XL

The Mini is the smallest of the Big Green Eggs.  It's transportable and functions with most of the Eggcessories.  Our Egg-spert (Expert of Eggs), Gary, recommends the Mini egg for someone who likes to go fishing in the Indian River Lagoon near Orlando, FL. The Mini Egg is ideal for cooking two succulent fish fillets.  The Mini also works well as an additional Egg for either a sauce or a few vegetables.

Which Big Green Egg is Right for You? »

Cruising Orlando on the Onewheel

by Richard
09/25/2018 08:22:36 P.M.

I went snowboarding the winter of 2006 and then moved to Florida late summer of the following year. I knew Orlando was far from mountains I could ride, but I figured I’d get out to those places soon enough. I was wrong. I went once in the next decade and I thought I’d never get to ride regularly again until I moved elsewhere.

Cruising Orlando on the Onewheel »

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones Review

by Richard
09/05/2018 06:10:31 P.M.

I’ve never had headphones that are good to work out in. And it’s not because I didn’t try. Either they were uncomfortable, didn’t stay in my ears well, the cords got tangled as I ran, or (if you really want to know) got sweaty in the Orlando humidity. (Thanks, Florida.)

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones Review »

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack Review

by Richard
08/23/2018 05:48:39 P.M.

Tooling around Orlando, Florida I typically don’t need a whole lot of backcountry gear, but one thing I always use is a backpack. I carry mine almost everywhere. And the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault is the most interesting, fun backpack I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely durable, fits the body well, has many compartments, and has the oddest (yet functional) zipper. Let’s break it down:

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack Review »

The Holy Grayl of Water Purifiers

by Richard
08/08/2018 04:25:44 P.M.

I’ve been using water filtration systems for almost two decades and I’ve seen pretty much everything in the market. Products from MSR, KatadynPlatypus, and SteriPen and everything else Orlando's Travel Country has had to offer for the last decade plus. But finally there is something new and revolutionary. And boy is it shiny. 

The Holy Grayl of Water Purifiers »

Bedrock Sandals Review

by Richard
07/31/2018 12:14:48 P.M.

When you live in Orlando, Florida, you're always looking for a good pair of sandals. But, let's be honest, I want to wear sandals pretty much everywhere I go anyways, so I'm always looking. And I think I may've found an ideal pair. But first, a question:

Bedrock Sandals Review »

6 Tips for Flatlanders Headed to the Mountains

by Shelby
07/17/2018 11:55:35 A.M.

Do you live in Orlando, FL, or another similar "flatland"? Apparently, there is a classification of information that might be considered 'Mountain Knowledge,' that isn't common knowledge to a Flatlanders. Here are some helpful tips for Floridians heading to the Mountains.

6 Tips for Flatlanders Headed to the Mountains »

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