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Kayaking the Hillsborough on the Prima 12.5 Kayak

by Phil
06/12/2021 01:41:24 P.M.

Manatee on the Hillsborough RiverThe spirit that drives me outdoors led to a surprising escape right in the middle of Tampa: the Hillsborough River.

I launched my Hurricane kayak at Lowry Park, near Zoo Tampa. This is a perfect entry point because the current was barely noticeable. Even though Hillsborough is fed by four major rivers (Hillsborough, Withlacoochee, Peace and Ocklawaha), the current here is mild due to them all converging in the forested wetlands of the Green Swamp. 

The Hillsborough has a healthy symbiotic relationship with Tampa, offering peaceful paddles and connections with wildlife while lush backyard retreats line its banks.

One of the highlights of the paddle was coming across a group of Manatee near Sulphur Springs. More than a dozen manatees were feeding under a nearby bridge. Thirty minutes easily slipped by as I meandered around the magnificent sea cows.

The backyards along the banks were all unique. I imagined each matched the personality of the people who lived there.  The homeowners were friendly, always quick to wave or shout a friendly greeting.  This made the paddle even more enjoyable.

I really enjoyed paddling the Hurricane Prima 125 Sport Kayak. I prefer to purchase products “Made in the USA” and this Hurricane is made in North Carolina. Because of the multi-chined, Swede-form hull, the Prima sits low in the water, which means it tracks and glides incredibly well. This low profile also helped us avoid much of the side drag from the wind. The cockpit is spacious, and the comfy frame seat easily removes to become a beach chair!

If you are looking for a kayak that cuts through the water with minimal effort, the Prima 125 is for you.

I cannot wait to explore more of the Hillsborough River in Tampa, but that is a blog for another time. Get out there and make your own kayaking adventure.

Phil paddling the Hurricane Prima 12.5 Sport Kayak