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The Power That Enables Your Travel

by Richard
04/10/2015 05:11:46 P.M.

Who knows about how electrical outlets work in other countries? I certainly didn’t until almost immediately before I was leaving on for an international trip.

The outlets in different areas of the world are different shapes, so the prongs are shaped to match them. Meaning: our US plugs don’t work.

But fear not, products like Eagle Creek’s Dual Wattage International Converter set solves that problem for you. The package consists of adapters for each of the major sockets throughout the world. It also includes, a power converter than can enable you to use high and low voltage to connect your device, regardless of where you find yourself.

The adapters are so nice, they even have the names of the locations where they’re used printed on them. There’s an elaborate manual that teaches you how to use the converter, but so far I’ve only needed the basic adapters—meaning I’ve only had two carry a small part or two on my travels out of the country. 

If you’re traveling, figure out where you’re headed and think ahead. And if you really want to get ahead, go on and buy the whole set—then you can just pick and choose before you go. When you’re busy packing, the ease of not having to worry about electronics will help immensely.