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The Lightest Way to Beat the Rain

by Richard
01/13/2015 03:34:56 P.M.

I’m not afraid to admit that I like rain. Sometimes when it rains, I simply go outside and let it soak me thru. Otherwise, I’d run quickly through it from point A to point B. That’s how I got by living in Florida for a couple years without a jacket.

But the fact of the matter is, I really needed one many times for work and travel, because there are times when getting soaked isn’t an option. I finally caved and decided to look for a jacket that I knew could last for a decade or more. So obviously I bought an Arc’’teryx. 

I decided to go with the Arc’teryx Tecto FL Jacket. It’s light, breathable, and still wonderfully waterproof. To explain further, the jacket weighs a mere 10 ounces, it’s the most breathable jacket in the Arc’teryx lineup, and it’s Active Shell technology is effective at keeping things dry for you. 

Those things are all great, but my favorite of those is probably that it’s so light. When I have a rain jacket, I don’t want it wasting space or weight in my bag. 

But it’s pretty amazing how breathable this jacket is, too. Most people don’t know that when rain jackets start “losing their waterproofness,” they’re usually actually losing their breathability and your sweat condenses and gets your arms damp…or soaked. So the added breathability is crucial. 

Added to that, the jacket—like most Arc’teryx shells—is more fitted than other brands jackets. 

There is also the perfect blend of minimalistic specs that factor into it:

—The storm hood is big enough to keep your face dry, while not being monstrously large.
—The cuffs have velcro tabs that cut off your wrist from the elements, when wind and rain are swirling.
—The hem has a drawcord that you can pull tightly to keep the elements out from under your jacket as well.
—There’s an additional pocket on the arm so you can store small items (like keys, etc.).
—A stuff sack enables you to pack the jacket very small, if necessary.