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BIC Ace-Tec Stand Up Paddle Board

by Andy
11/25/2011 02:37:00 P.M.

The Bic Acetec Performer 11’6” is a polyethylene stand up paddle board that is both, easy to ride and tough as coffin nails. Drop it, run it into the ground, hit it with the paddle, it really doesn't matter; this board takes the beating and keeps asking for more. This is why I've become BIC SUP's newest fan.

I rode the Ace-Tec for the better part of an afternoon and that was all it took to win me over. It was extremely sturdy, good weight disbursement, and easy to paddle. I almost have a hard time saying this because I come from a surfing background and Bic surfboards are not something you want to be seen riding. I'm not saying Bic makes a bad board just that they don’t receive the respect I (now) think they deserve.

I truly love the durability of this board. I tend to not be very gentle with my toys; hence, every surfboard I own is covered with dings. The polyethylene on the Ace-Tec is tough and can take thorough abuse/wear. Whether the board is scuffed on the pavement or run aground on some rocks; it takes it's licking and keeps on ticking. I also noticed that polyethylene boards are becoming more popular, and are even being used on some Hobie paddleboards.​

The ACS is not flawless, however: it is far from fast. The stability is so strong that it just plows through the water...kinda like a fullback crashing up the middle of the field. It is for this reason that I don’t think it would be great in the surf. I have not tried it there but (my experience has taught me) that the sturdier/slower the board the harder it is to turn and carve on a wave.

All in all, the Acetec Performer is a good buy. For first-timers interested in SUP or people who have done it before and don’t want to spend a insane amount of money but still want a good all around board, the Bic Ace-Tec line of paddleboards is for you. I don’t think I would charge a massive swell with it but for everything else it should be golden.