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My Top 7 Healthy Airport Traveling Tips

by Richard
10/21/2015 02:12:47 P.M.

If you’ve ever traveled via plane you know how difficult (or fun!) it can be. In truth, I really like the act of traveling, to a degree—and not because it gets me to purchase things, though that's sometimes necessary. Here are 7 things I do regularly when traveling that help me keep my head in the game:


This is the option if you don’t care what people think about you or if you know you need to learn that lesson. Throw some pushups, a headstand, or copious amounts of squatting. This greatly increases blood flow, which is a needed precursor to sitting in chairs for hours on end—even if you get up and walk around or do exercises in your seat.

Get on the Plane Last

This always makes me laugh. I suppose people want to make sure their luggage is near them and yadda yadda, but when I have the option to wait while laying down, walking around, or squatting instead of rushing to my seat to wait a little longer, I’ll take the former options without hesitation. I’ll sit last, no problem. 

Bring Food In

Unless you’re trying to fast, bringing in some food that is both healthy and your preference is the quickest thing you can do to make sure you feel comfortable when traveling.

Don’t Sit in the Chairs

This is another great irony. Travelers rush to the terminal to sit in chair before they rush to their seats on the plane to sit in chairs some more. Chairs, for the record, aren’t the most healthy options for the body. So prolong your comfortability and health by squatting, laying down, standing up, exercising…whatever is not sitting in a chair.

Set Low Expectations

Flying is a fickle matter. When people don’t enjoy it, they often place expectations that everything will go smoothly and when it doesn’t, they’re bent out of shape. Well, newsflash: that rarely happens. Set your expectations low: you’ll eventually get where you’re going if you’re supposed to. If you find it hard focusing on anything else, bring something else to do that you truly enjoy to help take your mind off it—read a book, write in a journal, etc.

Arrive Early

Don’t stress, get there early and bring something else you can do that will occupy your time. No use scrambling at the last minute or worrying that getting searched by security will cause you to miss boarding. Just plan to arrive a wee bit early.


If you’re not a prayer, maybe you can meditate or center yourself through another spiritual practice that you connect with. But I pray. It centers me. I thank God for life and I ask Him to help me be grateful for everything I have and to make the most of everything that is to come. It helps me stay focused, care for people better, and not be so effected when plans change or people around you are projecting their own negativity.

There you go! Give those things a try and see how they go for you. And next time you travel, happy trails!