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Mapping Orlando City Parks (Part 4óWest & South)

by Richard
12/13/2013 08:20:34 A.M.


I lived on this side of town for approximately three years, and these parks were like a lifeline to me—as I knew needed green grass all the more when I moved to town and knew little about it. Particularly, one of the honorable mentions, which is a tiny little park, made a big difference for me because it was so close to my home. The other two, however, remain in my park reportoire even as I live on the other side of town.

Dr. Phillips Community Park—I’m still caught up on the fact that it has a water park that I can play in. Difficult to top that. But it also has some great fields and is relatively quiet—tucked away off the road.

Dr Phillips Park Map

Turkey Lake Park—A large park with much to offer, from trails to open space, to camp sites, frisbee golf, a pool, the list goes on. It costs a few dollars to enter, and that’s a deterrent to many. But it shouldn’t be. You can even camp here.
Turkey Lake Map

Other Notables—Liberty Park, Shadow Bay Park


I'm sure there's more parks down this way (and I've been to some), but none more fun than this expansive one with a beautiful home on it that invariably charges far to much for weddings on it's property. 

Cypress Grove Park—Another fairly spacious park, with plenty of room to play on a field, admidst the trees, or survey the gorgeous home on the lake. It's worth noting: after a run at this park, I once came back to the parking lot to find a man sitting in the open hatchback of his volvo wagon (he had my friendship already), playing Christmas music on his trumpet. The music danced off the trees and was out-and-out magical. You don't forget those kind of things, and I'll always affiliate it with that park.
Cypress Grove