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Mapping Orlando City Parks (Part 2óMaitland/Winter Park)

by Richard
11/11/2013 08:39:54 P.M.

Here's the next installment of my favorite parks in Orlando: 


I lived here for a year and a half, and have found some of the most precious parks around in this area.

Kraft Azalea Gardens—The overall best in town. Hidden in Winter Park. It's small, but tranquil. And definitely beautiful. I've witnessed many glorious sunrises and sunsets here, and experienced numerous hammock naps and paddleboard launches here. (I've felt this way for a while.)

Kraft Map

Maitland Arts Center—The most delightful courtyard is in Maitland. Used to promote the arts via classes and events, the place is art itself: twenty buildings all surrounded by a wall and a garden area at the center in old Spanish/native Florida design. If I could design a commune for some of my closest friends and myself, it'd look something like this place.Lake Maitland

Mead Gardens—A surprisingly quiet area tucked away undernearth old Live Oak trees and on some slow-moving water. A peaceful place to spend your lunch, or have a picnic.
Mead Gardens


Other Notables
Big Island Park (recently renamed to Martin Luther King Jr. Park), Ward Park, Park Avenue, Lake Lilley Park