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Go Outside for Life

by Richard
03/02/2013 07:32:02 P.M.

Technology is a web, spreading virtually everywhere. And so many of us take advantage of it. I’m no different.

When my alarm rings, it’s my iPhone. It plugs into my computer, which, in turn, plugs into the wall. Where lay the power for our home, it’s grid connects to the rest of Colonialtown, then Orlando, Florida, then US, and much of the world.

I rely so much on technology. So many of us do. It seems like almost everything we use for our lives plugs in, our phones, our computers and tv’s. Our microwaves, fridges, and ‘green’ cars. And I suppose this is all ok, as long as we don’t begin to plug in our hopes as well.


We’ve built a society that relies on technology for much of its fiscal, and logistical health. But there are more important things. And when we don’t check it, technology begins to encroach on our personhood, overstepping the line of beneficial or convenient, becoming re-defining. It becomes us, and we it.

Lies become unspoken beliefs as we begin to think of ourselves not as we are – (humans who are unique and blessed in our own particular ways), but as we wish we were (humans who are not good enough in and of ourselves) using technology to inflate our personal appearance or surround us with others’ stories that satiate our desire to feel loved or purposeful. All by what type of technology we don.

Phones are fine, but not if they ’cause us to spend less time with friends in person. The internet can be beneficial, as long as our grip on it is looser than that of our arms around our loved ones. Excess is fine, as long as we’re not forgetting to leverage ourselves to aid in the injustices around us.

Unfortunately, we often don’t use these things from a balanced perspective. Not doing so slowly numbs, and can even kill, the soul.


Take time to let go of the technological, commercial world and grab hold of the physical, tangible planet that we’re so connected with.


Go outside.

Kick off your shoes and go running in a grassy field. Throw off your shirt and dive into cool waters. Take a break from your schedule and spend some time in the seclusion of nature.

It’s healthy, therapeutic, and freeing. It’s mind-clearing, and it can help center you in amazing ways.

I realize that I sound like a hippie, but it’s not because I wanna roll the world up and smoke it. It’s because I truly think that God has built into our biology to become enlivened by nature (and to subsequently care for it, as well). That it keeps us healthy of body, mind, and spirit.

But it doesn’t really matter what I think, or what you think. What really matters is what I do, what you do. And I suggest that we both do more things outside. Rest there. Play there. And those regularly. The difference will be marked.

Plug yourself into technology incessantly and watch to see what happens. Or – at least, regularly – go outside to re-connect. And in the process, you may be surprised to find a piece of who you truly are out there. A big piece.