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Getting to know Nick Dyroff, TravelCountry Pro Staff member

by Richard
05/07/2013 06:29:06 P.M.

How did you get into kayak fishing?

Once I came down to Florida when I was 16, I got my first canoe and my dad and I would go out into the Mosquito Lagoon system. The canoe is really what introduced me into the whole kayak world. Seeing how the canoe handled windy conditions and could get me into the places that I wanted to go, that is when I started to get into kayaks

What is your favorite sports team?

I grew up playing hockey my whole life, so I am excited the Solar Bears finally came back to Orlando. I am a season ticket holder, so I went to every game last year.

What is your favorite restaurant?

That all depends on the day of the week, Mondays its Moe’s and Tuesdays I go to taco Tuesdays at Tijuana Flats. But my favorite restaurant is Agave Azul over in the MetroWest area.

What are three interesting facts about yourself?

1. I can beat box and freestyle

2. I literally just breathe fishing

3. I won Mr. Lake Highland. It’s not easy to win that award but someone had to do it.

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

Fiji would have to be it. Just get one of those little huts along the water where you can sit there in a hammock over the water and then drop into the kayak whenever you want to go fishing.

Where would you vacation if you weren’t going fishing?

I have always wanted to go to Germany. My family has some German roots and apparently I still have family in Germany.

What is the toughest fish you have ever caught?

Actually I’ve got him on video. I caught a tarpon last year; he was about 150lb tarpon I caught from the kayak. We weren’t really going out there for tarpon; he towed me about two miles of the beach. Finally I was able to reel him in and get him on the boat. I wanted to take all my hero shots but I looked up and had a bunch of big sharks start circling me and they wanted to take a bite out of him. When I saw the sharks start to circle I really had to release him and revive him as much as I could so the sharks didn’t get to him.