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Barefoot Meetup Run

by Richard
04/14/2011 11:40:18 A.M.

On Saturday April 16 2011, we are hosting a barefoot run at Loch Haven Park in Winter Park.

Checkout our Meetup Group to and let us know you are coming!

The goal of this run will be to run and to teach the physiological benefits of running barefoot/minimally shod. Once a month, we'll be giving tips; techniques for training; and getting some miles in - so whether proficient runner or beginner, wear whatever shoes you have and we look forward to seeing you there!

Distances will range according to proficiency (100 meters to 3 miles). We recommend each person bring a pair of shoes regardless if they plan on using them. Bring enough water to stay hydrated. When running barefoot or with footwear, act responsibly, watch where you are running and of course, you are running at your own risk.

Myself and my co-worker Alley will be leading the group. We’ve run barefoot/minimally shod, study physiology and have become pretty good friends with Michael Sandler since he was in town for our race last November. We’re excited about talking with you regardless of your level of experience.We will meet on the grassy area at the center of the park (between all the buildings).

Orlando Loch Haven Park

900 East Princeton Street Orlando, FL 32803

Google maps link