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Appalachian Trail Day 126

by Krispy Kritter
08/16/2010 10:33:18 A.M.

Our own Krispy Kritter is getting close to completing his AT journey, only 477.9 miles to go!


August 08, 2010 – Day 126 - Sunday
Destination: Stony Brook Shelter
Starting Location: Rt. 4 Rutland, VT
Today's Miles: 10.00
Trip Miles: 1647.30

"Courage and Perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air." ~ John Quincy Adams

It took awhile but I finally said goodbye to old and new friends, got a ride out of the fairgrounds and to the trailhead. By the time I was on trail it was 1:00. It felt good to be in new boots and walking north once again.

I stayed for about an hour around Kent Pond watching kayakers and avoiding the midday heat. I wanted to keep today a low mileage day to make sure the boots were broken in. I also bought a new pair of Superfeet insoles that made a huge difference in comfort. The original insoles that I had were Superfeet size 8 1/2. When I got my first pair of new boots I had to go one half sizes larger. That meant the Superfeet were too small in the boot which was causing compression blisters on my heels. I took the insoles from the new boots and McGyvered (the character who could do anything with anything on a TV show) the Superfeet to fit. It worked and I have been wearing them since Daleville. They are now old and have lost their comfort. Since I've hiked 80% of the trail and only done 20% of the work (meaning the toughest part of the trail is coming up) I wanted my feet to be stepping in top condition.

I have now only 477.9 miles of trail left on the AT. God willing and with good weather the last two states New Hampshire and Maine will complete my 2010 AT odyssey.

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